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vile or viral ?


this was in the paper after easter but i’ve only just remembered to show you.  i suspect they meant viral rather than vile.  but you know …


check your printing


we stayed in a hotel a few weeks back where the in room sales brochure, explaining how you can buy the luxury dressing gowns etc, had some very strange typos in


can you work out what is going on here ?



once you’ve worked it out you can stand on one leg before diving out of your hotel window.  nice.


xmas trees and holy wreat


it’s nice that people remember the religious side of christmas.  this sign proclaims holy wreat.  bless

spooling misatke


classic spelling mistake above.  i thought it might be the name of a book, but the sign on the wall opposite showed it was just a typo


excellent prize


i couldn’t work out what the excellent prize was until i did.  works better if you say it out loud in a foreign accent

immuculate contraption

you couldn’t wish for a better typo (or post title!)


they have a for-sale section in the tescos near by office and i like to have a look.  it’s like a slow ebay with every item set to ‘buy now’.

sometimes you get a classic like this.  it’s an ‘immuculate’ vacuum cleaner. 

the history of word art


i looked at this for ages before i realised it didn’t actually say Word Art.  i think someone needs to write a book on Word Art and how it can bring powerpoint presentations alive.  cough

what a brilliant sign

would please kindly read carefully.


thank you for your coopration.

(see i’m not totally the worse speller)

your the best


this cake was on display in Tesco’s for weeks before it was removed.  Your the best at spelling and p’unctuation.  like me am.


brad’s bad speling spot

Brad send me this and says ‘Check out the spelling of “service”. This is from my recent trip to
the UK, the first picture I took when I got outside of the airport.’


esther is already better than me at spelling. but what a fantastic way to spell cement – ‘sment’. kids today are using phonetic txt-spk before they’ve got the hang of proper spelling.
one of esther’s friends writes esther’s name as ‘Sd’ which is quite cool.