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buzz aldrin


totally amazing to get to hear buzz aldrin speak this morning.  if you live in auckland he’s available to hear for free tomorrow morning too (and then a pop concert to boot)


before he got up to speak he sat on the chair directly in front of me


so that means he’s technically sat on my camera.


i was almost as proud as the time i sat directly behind jon postel and vint cerf in geneva once.  or when i squeezed by tim berners-lee


oh yes, i’ve met them all !

(just in case you didn’t know, he’s the chap who landed on the moon with neil armstrong)

learning to be weightless


are astronauts really taught to fly by tieing strings round their ears ?


or perhaps that’s only if they’ve been astro-naughty

alien space ship


in between the space centre and the sewer museum is this rather funky artist impression of what an alien space ship might look like.  it was firmly on the sewer museum land though as i suspect the space centre wanted nothing to do with it.  i thought it was excellent.

space station

my zoom lens is so strong i can see in to space.  all the way to the three quarter space station sign in fact


space age
the green houses at kew gardens are amazingly space aged. everything in the 60s was futuristic though wasn’t.
here’s a bubble one