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things in the snow


i suspect this was an umbrella


this is a chest of drawers spread down a wall, contained a sink


and a fridge (you can usually find a fridge in the street on snowy days.  people are saving money see)


off to school

we ended up with a really elaborate organisational scheme yesterday as jane had to leave for her school before the girls knew whether their school was going to be open.  all was well in the end as i was able to work from home.  it’s these little moments of domestic unpredictability which make life such fun


it hailed the day before yesterday and it just stuck where it landed.  my car looked like it was covered in the stuff you have on top of an apple crumble.  what do they call that stuff ?  also made the roads rather crunchy slidey.  bit like skiing on rice crispies (in my experience)

esther’s foot prints


our back lawn has been mostly untouched by human feet as everyone has been playing in the street.  esther let herself out yesterday afternoon and ran round this bucket lots of times, just because.  jolly good.

kezia’s snow man pictures


kezia saw some pictures of snowmen on the internet and said she wanted
to take some, so she borrowed my camera to take some shots on the way
to the supermarket with jane


she spotted some fantastic ones


sadly we didn’t make any ourselves.  but the girls spent most of the day ‘sledging’ which i suspect involved dragging each other on a piece of plastic over wet muddy grass.


play park in the snow


i was working from home yesterday so didn’t even attempt to drive to work.  instead i sat at my desk from 5am working.  but i did go outside with esther and kezia at about 7.30 for a wander around the untouched snow


crazy snow statue

this photo looks super-imposed, but is real. i’ve just changed the contrast a little, but the strange effect is just snow on it. the original is here if you want to see.

snowy london (whilst it lasted)

i got an extra early train in to london yesterday so i could enjoy the snow. we had a fair bit at home, but it had mostly gone slushy by the time i started my walking adventure (even though it was 7am when i reached london). still, i got some ok photos.

where do we come from ?

this snow man knows where he’s come from. unlike a slug/snail he’s gained as he’s gone rather than slimed