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signs (transport)



no transport.  including wheelchairs


merge like a zip


this sign was one of the main reasons i knew we’d be ok if we moved to new zealand.  we saw it on our scouting trip in easter.  it’s on an onramp to state highway 1

picture gives way to picture


is this meant to help people who can’t read ?  if so, best to stick to all pictures or all words.  otherwise it looks a bit like a top trumps card.

car sign


the flipperty flapperty train time boards at waterloo

i used to love the giant banks of signs at Waterloo station. i loved how it used to cycle through all the possibilities on each line with a flapperty flippery noise which would some how flutter across the whole station. It was a visual and aural treat.
but now it’s been removed and no longer there. not even a last chance to video it for youtube or something. what a shame.