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signs (rubbish)

ycles only


nice how they stopped the double yellas to fit the words.  i think i took this photo along with the one below during our last full day in the UK when we went out for a walk with our fanatic friends tony and tanya.


great friends.  great days.  great road markings.  great country.

UPDATE:  My great friend Andy from back in the UK wanted to leave a comment, but they are broken so he sent it by text message instead ! 

He wanted to say “bin and gone” which is inspired and much better than my title !  Thanks Andy

come on: be a tidy kiwi


no wonder kiwis are on the endangered species list if they can’t keep themselves tidy.  come on kiwis, pull yourselves together.

fantastic bin sign

this sign is fantastic. click on it to read the full, anonymous text. what sort of person goes to the trouble to write this kind of sign ? and will the mystery bottle bag leavers read it ?