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signs (pedestrians)

crossing not in use

some times when a sign says something you can ignore it. this one has a net and a giant hole to prevent that happening here.

the queuing system

‘queuing system’ is such a great phrase. use it today

dramatic sign

i like this sign. one word wide saying ‘please keep to the’ and a ….. [pause] …. before shouting ‘FOOTPATH’.

this is never going to work

if you have to give priority to the slow pedestrian then you are going to be walking slower than them and you then become the slowest pedestrian and so it goes until everyone is stationary.
it’s probably best to walk down here on your own, or make sure everyone starts off by running so you’ll at least make some distance before you all grind to a gradual halt.

footpath closed pedestrians

i like this sign. i like the polite way it says pedestrians at the end so we know who it’s talking to.
“why thank you sign” i replied.


what a great word ‘pedestrian’ is.