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signs (no smoking)

smokers please keep beautiful

101215_Canon PowerShot S95_IMG_0360.jpg

it’s about time smokers pulled their weight and were given a job of their own. 

of course, some people may find butts beautiful (i cannot lie)

this point


this exact point.  about 1 metre off the ground

lots of no


a nice use of a single ‘in this area’ at the bottom there.  although i would think that goes without saying. 

i also note someone stole the no loitering symbol.

andrew marr


andrew marr was doing some program on darwin at the henley show.  no idea why. but there we go.  he was playing it very cool, but we stopped and watched


targetted messaging


i  like this sign a lot.  it’s obvious who it’s aimed at and what they need (not) to do.  and the final sentence in brackets is very ominous: “If necessary we will telephone Mr Smith”.