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signs (no photos)

the big concert


both esther and kezia’s orchestras played in an extravaganza yesterday.  it was very good, but we now realise that as our girls get older their concerts will get longer.  this one was 2 and a half hours, and although very good, we were slightly relieved when we could exit the rather warm venue. 

anyway i grabbed the shot above at the end of kezia’s orchestra’s practice, so i wouldn’t get evicted.


important wedding at Cliveden House

to celebrate the end of jane’s marking, jane and i went to Cliveden House yesterday for a walk. The place is getting ready for wedding on saturday
it’s obviously going to be quite an exciting event for someone
there’s a big disco thing being set up on the terrace (2 days early)
and i liked how they stored all the flight cases in the underground vaulty bits
you can see how big the undercover area is from these distant shots
and on this one you can make out the thames 200 feet lower down on the left to give you some idea of the geography (google earth sky-view here)
update: the wedding is between Steven Gerrard, 27, Liverpool Captain and Alex Curran, 24, former nail technician who met Gerrard at a nightclub and is mother of his two children, Lilly-Ella, three and Lexie, one. I know this because it was in the London Evening Standard this evening. Once again, Funkypancake was first with the news !

eye photo

not quite a no photography sign. it’s simply not one.

stop photography

a whole mixture of signs here for you to enjoy

no photography

i’ve always said that camera phones in the shape of shoes are a bad idea. this sign adds weight to my argument.

no photography

someone had scraped the ‘no’ off but i think this still applies.