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signs (no bikes)

no bikes in reading

esther and kezia and a no bike sign. they are looking through the railings at their sheep puppets which were hanging up to dry in the window !

military bike sign

how’s this for an extreme bike sign. it’s outside Chelsea Barracks, and as i took it various soldiers were doing their marching and standing still thing.

click for wallpaper sized massiveness
and here was another one in the same railings:

no ice cycling

i imagine if you took the tyres off a bike it would work quite well on ice ?

finding bicycles

i’ve decided to formalise the bike signs and set up their own category. if i have time i’ll go back through the archives and recategorise some old pictures.
here are a few signs i pass every morning to get us started. There’s usually a way round most of these signs.
for example, in this case, you just need to hide your bike. if they can’t find it, they won’t remove it:
here is a no bikes sign with a long explanation (including the threat of having your bike towed away!):
and here is a very short sign:

danger high voltage

we’re not in to carrying weapons of personal destruction about in the UK. it’s considered a bit ‘off’ to carry a real gun or mace for example.
however, are police advising cyclists to purchase electrified bike chains ?
if so the warning should be to the thieves not the bike owners.