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signs (general)

some classic signage


i’ve a feeling i might have shared these with you before, but they are still great.  especially the busking one. apologies for duplicitiousness



this is where the sounds come from.  there’s a choice of some good ones here.

shop lifters will be detained


a good collection of signage here.  well worth a click for bigness.  their moto is ‘say what you want to say and keep saying it until they understand’.

or perhaps they are making sure they have a sign for every height of customer.  although that doesn’t work right as the “xmas day” (inverted commas) signs are side by side, perhaps for couples walking through

and i very much like that “shop lifters will be detained”

window instructions


i like the word ‘sorry’ at the top of this sign.  makes it a bit less desperate than ‘please’

underlined prop and not


two signs opposite each other with different typographical properties.  interesting how it changes the meaning.  there’s more capitalisation in the lower one too.  i wish they had version markings on so we knew which one is the improved model.


no sleeping


the ideal sign for insomniacs ?  no swimming either by the looks of things.

what does this mean ?

wheelchair users will be lifted up by machines and put on to a higher path ?  is it a platform game  like this one Esther plays a lot