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signs (corrected)

invisible mending

101209_Canon PowerShot S95_IMG_0125.jpg

it’s amazing what you can do with some serious duct tape

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monkey whom


spelling correction on a zoo sign

a nice correction


i love it when an official sign gets corrected.

correct timings

there’s a lot of anger in the changes marked to this timetable.

virii or viruses ?

now, i’m useless at grammer and spelling. but i was wondering what the real plural of viruses are (is?) when i sawed this on the street.
i think it probably is viruses rather than virii.
but on the other side of the sign it was missing the final ‘s’
having different spelling on each side suggests they created different versions from scratch. Someone should refer them to a computer centre to tell them they can use computers to avoid having to do such things (they even have speling detecters).

there is no understanding hunstanton

i loved this sign. it made absolutely no sense.
the only thing it had to do was point to the way to the ‘understanding hunstanton exhibition’. but that had all been crossed out.
so there is no point having it out in the middle of the seaside promenade.
hoorah – that’s just my kind of sign !

security messures

these mispelt signs were all over the bins in windsor



is this door broken ?

mu guess is that a ‘semi-automatic’ door is probably half as automatic as an ‘automatic’ door. but i could be wrong.
it looks like this wasn’t always the case though. what actually happens is you grab the door and need to give it a good push to open it. as soon as it starts to open it suddenly becomes automatic and drags you in to the building society.
go to abbey national in wokingham to experience this for yourself.

don’t eat smelly poo

juvenile ? yes. but it did make me chuckle when i saw it on a train full of unimpressed commuters.

sign corrected

it’s great when people can join in on a sign. here someone has changed some words to make it more grammatically correct or something (i assume. i have no clue).
it says “staircase is closed due to for health and safety reasons”