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signs (construction)

shifting a pile


i’m not convinced this chap’s skinny shovel is going to make much headway against that pile of dirt.

or perhaps he fired his arrow in to a sleeping blob and has gone to retrieve it.

why there’s no one here


this is a giant automatic sign on the A4.  it says;

“there will be no one on site on 15/04/09 due to a health and safety meeting”


i took the photo on the 15th when there was no one about.  interesting i thought.

pardon our progress


a great sign that would work in a variety of situations



life is full of hazards. sometimes they are written large outside the building site.


great sign from ljubljana

this is a great collection of signs sent in by reader johnny, who says they can be found in ljubljana, which is, of course, the capital of Slovenia.
it’s a great collection. i love the variations in the similar signs and the girls hair is great too