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giant leaves shadows


these leaf shadows were about a metre across.  quite amazing


not an ipod advertisement

i walked next to a building construction hoarding the other day and noticed my shadow against the temporary wall. i was fiddling with my ipod at the time, but didn’t look as smart as the proper ipod ads.
but then things never do do they (apologies to the advertypes who might be reading)
it’s my birthday today. half my life ago i was 17 and a half, and i’m half way to being 70. like most people, i’ve never really felt i was in tune with my proper age anyway, so i guess my age is more of a biological interest than anything else.
apologies for all the words today by the way. i’ll go back to mostly pictures for a while soon.

the strange road crossing mystery

there was a strange shadow at this window, so i took this photo to show you. when i took it someone walked past, but even though their legs were the most movey part of their body, their feet are the only parts which have shown up.