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the browns and yellows of winter


sunset on a wood.  unfortunately we were in it and it soon got dark.  but it’s ok we survived


the late afternoon sunset really set the trees ablaze (not literally thankfully)


underfoot it was a bit muddy – slightly frozen on top, but the kind of soggy chilliness underneath which could easily soak a man’s foot


and deers in a nearby field

autumn abandoned jumper

i took this photo whilst on the phone, so i didn’t inspect it too much.  it looked like an abandoned jumper.  watch out as at this time of year anything yellowy or browny can just drop off.




autumny colours are looking great at the moment.


summer finally arrives in October ?

we had our harvest thanksgiving service at church yesteday. then we went for a walk with friends to a vineyard where there were plenty of grapes. and a bee

english autumn

the weather has been so fantastic over the last couple of weeks (except for the rainy tuesdays). yesterday was particularly great and i loved every second of my walk from paddington station to westminster, taking in hyde park, green park and st james’ parks.
by the way, do you use walkit ? here’s the walk as they calculated it. if you live/work/walk in london you need the walkit website !

british spring

poor quality picture i’m afraid, but you get the idea.



spring is coming
spring is on its way, so here’s a picture from last autumn

how i feel about the winter

i love the cold. give me my big coat and off i go. i’m awake and i can breathe.
but the short days and lack of sunlight get me down. a lot. in fact i was really miserable for a few weeks until just recently, so apologies to anyone affected by that (jane mostly).
yesterday was the day where the sun is lowest in the year – poopy light to photo by on a dull day.
things should only get better for the next 6 months and my photos should be a bit brighter again.
photo by kezia – she was the right way up, i wasn’t. don’t i look dreadful. oh well.

a chilly morning
it was a bit chilly when we arrived at church yesterday morning


look how this leaf is blending in with its surroundings. leaves are usually green as they look down at the grass and copy its colour. here we see that once outside of their natural position they have to adapt to different situations.