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sonning scarecrows


today (bank holiday monday) and yesterday are the biannual Sonning Scarecrow Trail.  As usual there was a fantastic number of excellent scarecrows (75+ i think) in this pretty village by the Thames.


this year we decided to give marks out of 10 on our map to help us choose our favourite.  Kezia was in charge of numbers.


i liked these ones playing tennis above the street


you can see some of the rather posh sonning houses on these pictures


it was also great to see some popular and so not so popular characters appearing in the trail.  such as the excellent mighty boosh 


Esther made me do some impressions of the Moon and Harrison which amused her, confused kezia, and worried the locals.


the same happened when we found cartman.


there was also a healthy amount of death and destruction, whether sharks eating limbs (very popular) or Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse in rehab. 


or how about this drunked whitch witch has crashed in to a tree


or this canon being fired from a canon


perhaps most scary of all was iggle piggle, seen here with the lady who was going in to the house.  i wonder if that’s actually iggle piggle’s wife, and they just happen to live here in real life ?


anyway, another great afternoon.  if you’re reading this on monday morning and can get to sonning before 5pm then i highly recommend it !



a very bad scarecrow


scoring minimal point for effort, but full points for comedy.

sonning scarecrows

on Monday we went to see the scarecrows in Sonning on Thames which is a cool annual thing they do each year.
here are just a few of the 70-odd scarecrows people had made
Pirates of the Caribean
Rolf Harris
Sonning Zoo
Oh dear – i thought this one was a car crash which seemed a bit in appropriate. it was actually making a point about the queues through the village to get across the bridge (but of course!)
Alan Titchmarsh and their local MP (in the background)
Esther’s favourite was Winnie the Pooh playing pooh sticks in someone’s garden
Dobie (from Harry Potter)
i loved this Mighty Boosh one featured Milky Jo (and Old Greg out of shot)