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r2d2 target practice


we saw this in hyde park last week.  it’s a target for the local artery club


there were some quality beards about too


robert the robot

which one in this picture is robert the robot ?


there were some great mechanical robot things in trafalgar square last evening. i took a few photos and some video which i was going to post but then i saw Russell’s entry on the same thing and his excellent video so i haven’t bothered ! have a mooch round his blog whilst you are over there (don’t forget to come back again !)
however, i did manage to get a picture of the chap who built them, seen clearly here with his back to us in the british summertime rain.

robot heads

this pile of hoover heads was out in the street all day long.
i know they probably aren’t ‘hoovers’, but vacuum cleaner heads didn’t sound so good.
i’m still enjoying the new Dr Who series on the modern television. are you ?
and what kind of a name is ‘mustang’ for a vacuum cleaner anyway ?

fresh pigeon

regular appearer in the Robot section is mr robot.
mr robot wrote to me to inform me he has a new initiative. it’s fresh pigeon. check it out
(i think the links are work safe, but can’t be sure !)

I (and a) robot

here are I and a robot. we am standing there. i finded him in the bins and he was taped together. aren’t he lovely ?

clickety for bigness

party robot

nobody planned this. it just happened.

mr robot

here is another mr robot picture.
mr robot emailed me last week to say that his new website is live .
so you can go there and see some more robots if you like (as usual, i’m not responsible for content on external sites)

mr robot

another robot has appeared near where i saw the other robot picture.
this one has an email address so i’ll investigate further for you.
DSC04954.jpg DSC04955.jpg