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road kill

very flat hedgehog

this hedgehog was as flat a carpet tile. but a very good shape.

lapping camera numbers

how’s this for a weird thing. on monday i ‘lapped’ my Canon 350D and went over 9999 shots causing the numbering to reset. This was the first time since i bought it in July 05 and both contain my neice Sarah looking very sleepy (she’s usually very jolly)
here is shot IMG_9999.jpg and IMG_0001.jpg
IMG_9999.jpg IMG_0001.jpg
now, the very strange thing is my Sony DSC-W12 camera (my work-a-day camera – (link to the replacement version)) which went over it’s 9999 shot count yesterday ! This was the second time since i bought it in August 2004.
here is DSC09999.jpg
and here is DSC00001.jpg (notice the tail being chopped off – by a carving knife no doubt)
so what can we learn ? well, i take more shots with my Canon at weekends than i do during the week with my Sony camera, but i get a higher hit rate of usable blog photos with the Sony as they are more likely to be of nonsense. As shown by the two random samples above.