i re-watched Tommy recently. it’s a bonkers film as we all know with moments of unpleasantness. but generally it’s a visual and sonic treat.
you HAVE to watch it in the 5:1 “Quintaphonic” surround mix. the music is mixed all over the place rather than the usual ‘cars zooming past behind your head’ type surround sound. this is how they originally showed it in cinemas. totally incredible.
How can a film about a deaf dumb blind kid be so fantastic, both visually and sonically, that you want to talk about it ?

passion of the christ

i saw the passion of the christ this evening.
i felt sick about 20 minutes in to it and haven’t stopped feeling sick since. mostly because i had a gallon of coke and loads of chocolates.
i’ll do a proper review tomorrow (posted here) when i’ve thought about it a bit more. it’s not a pretty film but you knew that already.

Do No Pass Go

i forgot to tell you about a book i read a few weeks back. it’s called Do Not Pass Go and is by Tim Moore. It’s a very funny book which takes you round the modern day streets of the Monopoly Board looking for glimpses of the past and takes some guesses at why they chose the various streets that they did.
read it if you visit london lots, not much or not at all.

the mezzanine

here’s a book i’ve just read. it’s a book of the small. and most excellent. it’s by nicholson baker. probably the world has already heard of him, but i hadn’t.
thanks to the person who recommended it (via a comment on this blog somewhere i think!).

book review

i’ve just finished reading this book which is most excellent. i hadn’t a clue what it was going to be about before i read it. but i do now. and it was very good.

big fish

jane and i went to the flicks last night to see big fish. i broke my chocolate drought and ate massives of chocolate and a bucket of pepsi.
the film was good. dodgy ewan mcgregor accent at some points (must have been bad for an englishman to spot a scottish american accent). otherwise most excellent and worth a trip.
big fish.jpg
it contained some shoe throwing which i like to see:
dangling shoes.jpg

all or nothing

jane and i watched All Or Nothing last night. it was most excellent. if you want to find out what British Life is really like then this is the film for you.