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anti puddle pictures


i loved the shape of this little dry bit on the pavement.  it looks like so many different things all at the same time.  if comments worked i’d ask you to suggest a few things.  but they don’t i’m afraid.

reflections at tescos


i used to really enjoy my morning walk to the chaos of tesco.  and my short conversations with the checkout staff.  approximately 2 minutes to put the world to right whilst doing our transactions.

even the car park looked calm as i walked through it yesterday.

london eye in a puddle

the south bank of the river thames has its own eco-system meaning there is always a haze of water in the air and a selection of strategically placed puddles on the floor.

puddles !

it must have rained over night as there were loads of little puddles drying out as i walked to work this morning.
i don’t know if it was just lack of sleep, but most of them looked like people or animals.
i took a photo of a few for you
i think they look a bit like prehistoric cave paintings.
DSC05149.jpg DSC05150.jpg DSC05151.jpg DSC05152.jpg DSC05153.jpg DSC05154.jpg DSC05155.jpg DSC05157.jpg DSC05158.jpg