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truths about emergencies


‘in an emergency, you don’t have time to climb a pole and stand on one leg with your arm sticking out like an aerial.  you’re almost better off with a pigeon’

(from one of the ‘national’ newspapers)

toddler trapped in teddy picker


i forgot to put this on the blog when it happened, but i think it was reported internationally anyway.  kiwi kids are amazing

newspapers only


there’s some mysterious numbering going on here.  if you can crack the code you can have a free newspaper

the new zealand press


isn’t the correction above the best thing ever ?


and you’ve got to admire this chief executive’s honesty


and this is how kiwis view britain – a national of lardy wobblers

a token fury


this is very british.  these people weren’t properly furious, but they thought they should be so they did something which showed willing, but was a bit half hearted.  just so they didn’t upset anyone.  you know.

news paper in side the shop


this is a great little sign.  news paper (just the one?) in side the shop.  nice ‘you are on cctv’ sign in side the shop too

particularly puzzling

i do the occasional sudoku on the way back home (on the train, not driving. that would be a bad move). here’s last night’s puzzle page from the Evening Standard.
i found the mensa quiz particularly puzzling. you might have to click the picture to read it properly.

a slow news day

what a great headline. i’d like to invite people who don’t know the story to guess what it was about. the wilder the better. i think we can safely say it was a slow news day.