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medical things

immigration blood


did you know you can’t give blood in new zealand if you lived in the UK between 1990 and 1996 ?  that’s reassuring !

adaptable organ


that’s what you need if you’re a surgeon.  an organ that can be used for any function.  heart.  liver.  thumb.  all you need.


on the way to lunch with russel i saw these two loud inhalers next to a cigarette. a bit like doc leaves around stingy nettles i thought
when i came back they had been elevated and put on a railing
then i read the sign which nearly says private property left on railings will be removed (but doesn’t quite)

the mad hospital

visitin alan meant going in to hospital which is a place which i really don’t like. having both our children in this hospital has added some a cheery angle to the place, but it still has too many (quite literally) painful memories and i always feel very dizzy in there.
they are doing lots of building work in there and i got lost for at least 30 minutes wandering around the place. i was definately in places i shouldn’t have been during some of that time (by accident). And what’s more, no one i spoke to knew where the ward i wanted was.
i kept passing signs like this one, which is a ‘stairs directory’. i like how you have to leave the hospital to get to ‘all other depts’. i also read ‘inpatient’ as ‘impatient’ which sounded much better.
absolute classic is having the elderly care outpatients and falls clinic on the top floor up three flights of stairs !
on the way out of the hospital (which i left through a half open emergency exit door as i couldn’t find the real way out) i spotted these crutches and one of those things a drip hangs on. someone managed to escape.