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neon writing is tricky


joined up Ps looks like Rs.


seeing the light

well done to Rascle for guessing the thing. it was in fact some modern stage lights as used at the holiday club last week. that particular light poked me in the ear. which was nice.

the pudding party candle picture
jane and i were invited round to some friends for a pudding party last night where we ate puddings and laughed heartily. as it was going dark i noticed this unlit candle, which was never lit. we remained until it got too dark to see and then we left under cover of the night.

seeing and hearing the light

i went to a meeting in a commission conferenc hall which had the most amazing lights on the ceiling. After each presentation they would switch them on and effect on the room in terms of light and sound was quite dramatic. i imagine half of luxembourg dimmed when theses lights were switched on !
as a special treat, here’s some video footage i attempted (i’ve no idea what this will look like on the actual blog page):

(bigger version here)


‘bulb’ is one of those words which quickly loses its meaning if you keep saying it out loud over and over to yourself.
try it. enjoy it. bulb.


oh dear. a big supermarket truck reversed in to this light just outside my office window
later in the day the top had been chopped off and the rest had been laid to rest
this was ages ago too.

topless light

did the top just pop off ? don’t hide your light under an orange ball.

dismantelling the lights

they were taking down the ancient lights along the southbank when i walked by yesterday morning
the chap doing the deed seemed to have no head
so, it’s goodbye to the old