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130707_Canon EOS 450D_IMG_9833

bird getting a bird’s eye view on a security camera

130707_Canon EOS 450D_IMG_9834

130707_Canon EOS 450D_IMG_9836

headless bird (my speciality)

130707_Canon EOS 450D_IMG_9837

and bird with the sky tower

130707_Canon EOS 450D_IMG_9798

130707_Canon EOS 450D_IMG_9800

130707_Canon EOS 450D_IMG_9805

headless penguin


another of my classic headless birds/animals pictures.

and to make up here’s a penguin with two heads


two heads are better than none i say

through the roof


jane was asking for help.  she got it, but not before i’d taken this picture. 

i’m particularly pleased with this picture. note the different colour temperatures between the warm over head light and the cooler outside light in the background.  interesting hey ?

decaying faces


our bodies decay as we get older.  i’ve noticed mine is falling apart.  these chaps have been around much longer than me, so perhaps they can excuse their bedraggled appearance and headlessness

headless bird


it’s been a while, but good to see i’m still having trouble taking pictures of birds with heads

headless builders


that chap walking away is trying to look innocent.



070929_350d_img_4265.jpg 070929_350d_img_4343.jpg
jane took the great photo of me missing head. i love those kinds of shots.

dismantelling the lights

they were taking down the ancient lights along the southbank when i walked by yesterday morning
the chap doing the deed seemed to have no head
so, it’s goodbye to the old

another bird appearing to have no head. this picture looks a bit better bigger, so don’t be frightened to click it
here it is half a second later (proving it does have a head)

mad chicken

this is a fancy breed of chicken which has mad feathers on its head preventing people from seeing its face. unfortunately it also gives the appearance that its head has been chopped off ! (which it hadn’t)