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the band splits up

it was the final service for the holiday bible club this morning which meant the final outing for the band. he we are in action:
and here we are all sitting down:
and here i am for those who were wondering (with wig which looks like my hair used to look before i chopped it off nearly 2 years ago):

modern day Bible salespeople

here are Ed & Nicci selling Bibles. not your typical door to door Bible salesmen. you know, the ones that come round at 1am waking you up with their washboards and flugelhorns throwing flour and demanding you buy a Bible.
no, not such tactics for them. they chose to stand in a field with a wonky sign and a box of Bibles. very popular they were too (ed, nicci and the Bibles)
but if you think about it. if i told you i had a book which was actually written by your actual God, then chances are you’d be interested in reading it too. and so you should be.

Q here

it was the end of holiday club BBQ this evening. alfresco music was fun.
i liked these BBQ signs which people ignored by standing a long way away from. it was a proper barby queue. sorry,

crooner turns face painter

when jane wasn’t singing she painted faces. this was the end of her session and her market had been saturated (thanks to everyone being painted).
here she reflects on her success (in the fluffy pink mirror)


apologies once again to the balloon haters. i touched a balloon earlier today and still have creepy skin as a result. yuck.

tiny little me

we’ve been singing a song called ‘tiny little me’ this week. as i walked around the marquee where we are playing after the kids had left i saw this piece of newspaper on the floor.
the message yesterday was about saying no to ‘me’ and yes to Jesus. perhaps someone took this literally and left their ‘me’ behind ?

the band today

jane, mark, richard and craig:
DSC05710.jpg DSC05711.jpg
DSC05712.jpg DSC05732.jpg
fiona wasn’t there today so she became the cardboard member:
even mr sound wore a wig today:

christian boxing match

more random field activities. this time involving lots of cardboard boxes. one of the organisers said it took around 7 hours to prepare this game, which lasted approximately 7 minutes !
DSC05686.jpg DSC05688.jpg


the sound and visionaries looked even more confused today:


i discovered there is just enough time in one of his solos to take a photo of the drummer. here is the evidence:
and here is the man without sticks. click for a big version (but take a deep breath first):

the lead guitarist was away …

our lead guitarist was away today. he’s a local doctor and chose to help save people’s lives rather than play in the band. tsch.
we realised we couldn’t do without him so jane spent all last night building a cardboard replica. we got his wife to lend us his t-shirt and i think she may have preferred our version (even better than the real thing).
DSC05671.jpg DSC05671b.jpg

listening device

i leant the sound man my camera for a song so he could take a photo. this is what he came up with:
i think it’s quite good actually !