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christchurch cathedral hassocks

I took a picture of all the Hassocks i could find as they were being tidied up at the end of a service.  Here are a few of them.  I suspect many of the hassocks are now lying under rubble, so perhaps these are the only record of them ?

hassock of the week

<this week  deliberately left blank>

for some reason i think i might have deleted all my hassocks, which isn’t too good since i’m currently trying to back up entire hard drives rather than wipe them.  we’ll see if they turn up otherwise, i might give hassock of the week a well earned rest for a bit !

hassock of the week


this reminded me of chemistry experiments at school.  conclusion: combustible.

hassock of the week


what is this strange thing ?  it’s some kind of fishy eye octopus type affair.

hassock of the week (special guest edition)


this hassock was sent in by top regular reader phil.  he explains it thus:

My girlfriend came third in an embroidery competition for
Livery companies, organized by the Broders Livery Company(embroiders), attached
is a picture of the second place entry. I am sure that this has to be ,at least
a candidate for hassock of the week

I think that this is going to be my one opportunity in life to
say that, and as I am never one to miss an opportunity, I had to take it

Thanks Phil !