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final days


this is one for those looking forward to the UK election.  it’s been really strange viewing things in a detached way from the other side of the planet (we didn’t register for remote voting in time)

i hope it all goes well !

what do christians like to watch at the cinema at easter


we’re at spring harvest at the moment.  it’s always amusing to see how butlins changes to accomodate a large number of heaven-lovers descending on its campus. i don’t know if they picked monsters vs aliens and the passion of christ as the film choices, or whether they are recommended religious viewing.

what actually caught my eye was the old ‘odeon’ sign up top which has not been quite replaced in a rebranding exercise.  or should that be exorcise.

dead chick


good friday is the day of death (but a hopeful death)


flattened by praise!


sometimes even the best things in life can get on top of you.


church reformed. cancelled


i could make some comment on the current debate within the anglican communion right now.  but i won’t.




every found object has a story, and that’s why i like them.


as it’s sunday i should also recommend this (click on the jukebox to listen to it).  it’s from our church service last sunday, and is worth listening to for the story at the beginning.  

it also makes the point that God cares about the little things in life which is great inspiration for all you lovers of the mundane !

bible marketing

don’t get me wrong, the bible is an amazing book almost beyond description.  as a christian i believe it contains actual words from God.  which is quite amazing when you think about it.

it’s also available online


the flagship range


popular bible


mass market bible (paperback)


pocket gift bible (for those who like to give people pockets)

foiled again


yesterday was our church picnic which was a nice relaxing afternoon after the intensive brain-melt of interesting2008. 


our church friends really are our family and it’s great to just spend
time sitting around chatting (whilst others swam and swung (from trees
and at balls with bats))