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the gherkin


i didn’t something weird to the colours on the shot above.  i thought it was interesting so there you go.


guess the building


probably quite an easy one for londoners, but can anyone guess the building ?

gherkin and natwest tower


i don’t know if you’ve noticed but i now do a bit more post-processing on my photo in Lightroom.  hopefully i don’t usually completely fry them, although i did do a bit more fiddling on this one.


I like both the effects, but can’t decide which one i like best.  possible the top one.  dunno.  wadyafink ?

skinny gherkin

there aren’t many places in london you can get a decent distant view of the gherkin and appreciate its slender curves

the city as seen from BT Tower
this photo is quite dense so is worth clicking for the big version. it’s a shame about the hazy day, but you can make out St Paul’s Cathedral, Natwest Tower, the Gherkin and the Docklands in the distance