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gate locks

fancy gate lock

131221_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_5603

i took lots of pictures of gate locks when we were doing the thames path walk a few years back.  here’s a new zealish version.

131221_Canon EOS 70D_IMG_5607



the stile above is over a barbed wire fence.  worth carrying one of those round in kit form in case you ever need to use one.


and this one was a fancy swing open type thing as demonstrated by the lovely mrs funkypancake


gate lock


i knew you’d be interested in this kissing gate locking mechanism.  it’s a heavy metal loop on a heavy metal chain.  that’s it.


gate lock

an interesting one this
the shape of the handle is quite unexpected and it’s only when it’s closed that you see how it fits together
i couldn’t work out which bit to lift initially. but then i did

hooky gate lock

you think the hooky thing is the gate lock ?
well, you’d be wrong. that’s the lifter end. shocking hey ?

fancy wheely gate catch
jane and i saw this gate lock at Petworth House.
it was a heavy metal gate and to help the latch move into it’s locked position it had a nice little wheel.

a spanner-like contraption

here’s a new category – gate locks. i’ve noticed there doesn’t seem to be a standard method for locking gates in the countryside. it’s all very free-style which leads to innovation.
so here’s one to get us started. it’s a bit like a spanner and provided a great lock. it was quite satisfying to clip it on too.