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boxing day at the beach


there’s esther and kezia in the sea on their new boogie boards.  i didn’t spot the ‘fin’ in the background at the time.  gulp

funkypancake fish friday


it’s funkypancake fish friday here on funkypancake.  and to
celebrate, and to get us in the mood for moving, here’s some photos we
took in Auckland’s premier (and only?) aquarium when we visited last






here’s the ray pit and a man with a prong


and here’s the penguins which you can look at whilst trundling along on an underground train carriage type affair.  one of these penguins is in disguise.



funny angry fish


this chap was about 10cm wide and very solidly built.  he also had a very funny little angry face.  i wanted to lift him out and give him a kiss to annoy him further.  thankfully he was in a tank.  and i wasn’t.


danger – no fishing


you’re bound to notice the blog is falling apart at present as we precariously balance between two versions of the blogging software (funkypancake was designed for the old version and i’m having some real problems adapting it for the new version).

if you are a CSS guru and can make this page look like this one, then please let me know !  (and sorry the comments and various archives aren’t working properly.  please bare with me).  that was a deliberately spelling mistook.

once again – apologies for the mess !  i think if you just stick to the front page or rss feed you’ll be ok !

how to deal with venomous fishes

how to put visitors to an aquarium at ease – display the venous fish incident procedure. i wasn’t comforted, but i was doubly encouraged not to shove my hand in with the rays. (not that i would have anyway)

the opposite of a piranha

here is a photo of a piranha in negative for your amusement. a negative piranha would probably be a nice chap who would blow you a kiss rather than chomp your finger off. i suspect.


this chap had realy gone to town on his camouflage. although, how much attention to this kind of thing do fish pay ? especially when there’s brightly coloured walkers like me walking by behind them.

how to blend in with a crowd

this chap has had a brilliant idea. he’s dressed up as a fish. with a carrier bag.
what a brilliant idea. wouldn’t it be great if everyone had to dress up like a fish one day a year. you could choose your own day of course so it everyone wouldn’t be a fish on the same day – that would be silly.