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another village fete


yesterday we went to another village fete.  this was one another dramatic one with people flying in the air (note the emergency ambulance in the background)


there was blatant disregard for the rules by this lady or middling years who was ignoring the instructions that this was for boys aged 3-10 years only


clouds were gathering but the rain didn’t drop this time


and how’s this for a classic tombola prize.  it’s not quite a goldfish, but it is a luxury roller blind. you knew it was going to be a winning stall when they proclaim that every number is a winner !

the english summer fete

english summer fetes are terrific things. there’s something timeless about a community getting together and entertaining each other on a rainy summer’s day.
at the end of our soggy thames walk we reached Castle Eaton (as you can see) and we were greeted by this terrific sign.
Look at the sign – it’s fantastic. The giant capital italicised F sticking outside the board is inspired.
but what if you’re not a fan of home made fun and games ? well, you needn’t worry as this fete has a ‘reading room’ for the more studious fun lover.
If you’re in the area on the 20th May 2006, you should go along. It’s here if you need a google map. We’re not so won’t.

st george’s day

it was st george’s day yesterday. english people have a bizarre relationship with their nationality.
we have two versions of national pride – football hooligan nationalistic madness and handkerchief waving dancing craziness. i definitely prefer this latter version (though we experienced both yesterday on our trip to london)
flying hanky people:

warning – stereotyping in action

we’re very big on regional stereotyping in england. that’s mostly because every single person who live in a particular region really does have a common stereotypical trait.
take this classic cornish chap, shown here on a london cafe sign. he’s displaying classic west cornish behaviour – he’s dressed as a pirate and he’s eating a foot.