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desktop pictures

this might make a nice desktop perhaps.

desktop carpet

you can use this picture for your computer desktop if you like. it’s the carpet from our holiday flat, which is the same as in my grandma’s house when i was a nipper.
as always, click pics for big version. this one is desktop sized if you want it !


a classic british summer scene. click for desktop sized goodness

cathedral carpet

in the days before carpet they had tiles:

click for desktop size


stuffed cats

click for very big (desktop sized)

tripe on your desktop

i’ve taken this shot before, but the sun was so good today i had to take it again when i happened to walk past this old tripe shop (and public toilet extension)

click for desktop sized picture

two trees and a cloud

do you need two dead trees and a cloud on your desktop ? if so, click and do the thing.

click for huge

washing machine

this is what your desktop has been missing:

click for big

man hole desktop

brad came up with the idea of putting all the manhole covers from Queen Anne Street on one image which could be used as a desktop background. so here it is. thanks to brad for sending me a version.
i’ve sized it to 1024 x 768 as visitor stats show me that this is what over half of visitors have their screen set to.
Click on the picture below then right click on the big picture and choose ‘set as background’ (or something similar).