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cola drinks on railings

cola drink on railings (country style)

i occasionally wonder if i’d like to live in the countryside. it would be quite idilic i’m sure but i wouldn’t get the same sort of photos.
this is the country equivalent of a cola drink on railings. in london at least you know the street cleaners will be round later that day to clean the pavement palet for the next day.
in the countryside it’s just litter.

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coke on a windowsill

i’ve extended my category definition of coke on railings to include windowsills and walls.
it’s my blog. i can’t make up my own rules.
actually, it’s kind of all our blog since you probably spend longer looking at it than i do.

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not cola on not a wall

this is a drink, which isn’t cola, on a wall, which isn’t a railing.
there’s a danger here i might start taking pictures of things which don’t fit any categories and aren’t even interesting
DSC07678.jpg DSC07679.jpg

cokes on railings

it’s a diet and a regular coke on some church railings.

cokes on walls

my absolute favouritist favourite thing about doing this blog is spotting strange themes on my walk to the office. it’s often not until the end of the walk i realise what the theme was and by then it’s too late to go back and get the pictures.
so i find myself taking pictures of everything just in case i find another one a bit later.
today’s theme (albeit a mini-theme) was ‘coke on railings’.
here was my first find. i took two photos of this one:

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when i saw this i thought it might be a new way of encouragin recycling. i think people would be more likely to do it if they could display their empties along railings like this:

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and here is my second spot – this time a MaccyD’s coke:

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