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words on the cross


we did some before and after cards at church last week and they were dangling on the cross this week.  all good stuff.

places and people we love


we had such a lovely send off at church this morning.  but also
quite emotional after our full day of goodbyes yesterday.  we might see
many of them again on the morning of our departure at church, but this
was our proper ‘goodbye’


this saying goodbye to people is really hard you know.  we’ve
realised how many fantastic friends we have here in the UK who we’re
leaving behind.  And saying goodbye is really painful. there have been
much tears inside and outside this weekend.


here’s one of our closest friends.  it’s old fish-face ian 
He said some lovely words about us after church.  And so did Heather in
a talk about our children. And then they presented us with an
incredibly generous present which we shall use wisely


Church feels so much like home.  it’s where we got married, where our children came to faith and got baptised, and where we were privileged enough to be part of the music group.  we’ll miss the place and miss the people even more.


At the same time, we’re incredibly excited about getting stuck in to a new church over in NZ.  but these last few days are all about goodbyes.

perfect packing


just as we perfected our ability to load guitars, two amps, numerous effects pedals, stands and music (and camera bag) in to our zafira it’s time to sell it.  we did our last must at church last sunday.  lots of ‘lasts’ now.

church picnic (what a pavlova)


we had a great church picnic yesterday. there’s something incredibly
special about just hanging out with other christians whilst eating
burgers and hot dogs.  And tasty desserts


(i’m 3 weeks without chocolate now i think)