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charity collection vessels

cat and dog charity collection vessel

both these animals looked a bit bonkers. or are they trying to hypnotise you in to inserting money in to the slots in the top of their heads ? i try to adopt a similar pose in work, especially around pay review time.
070517_850_img_2446.jpg 070517_850_img_2445b.jpg



dog charity collection vessel

this was a particularly good charity collection tin, almost life sized, and the object you were inserting in to was also the same thing you were supporting (guide dogs for the blind). the chap leaning on it to the right sets it off nicely.

cats and dogs

here’s a new photo category – charity collection vessels. some of these are classics (and very old).
this is a starter – it’s a dog and two cats, all looking very sad. the dog is grey and there’s one white can and one black cat which is interesting. perhaps he’s their dad ?