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bus lane


not everyone can read the word bus so they drew a picture of it.  everyone can read lane though




it’s taken me over a year to finally get a picture of a bus showing the word ‘sorry’. it’s such a good word to have on a bus and it’s a common sight.  so it was nice to see this one sorry and parked so i could grab you a photo.

sorry it’s taken so long.

just resting


what happens when the bus doesn’t stop



i’m not sure whether this is the result of a shark eating a bus, or whether it’s a real shark with wheels on.  either way, i’m glad this isn’t the bus i get to work

trollies on oxford street
i love this photo. not sure why. i think you need to view it big (click on it) to get the trolley depth of field thing.

a bus

big vehicles on a roundabout

i recently decided to stand by a roundabout and take a few pictures. here are a few of them featuring big vehicles
double decker


olympic bid

bin lorry