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i remember …

6 years ago this was a horrible public toilet that i used to have to walk past on the way to work. i haven’t been that way since then and was delighted to see it’s been bricked up and painted orange (at least on the outside).
the smell has gone too.

a very thin pub

london is full of very thin pubs. this one is very very thin.

overhead tunnels to beat gravitational disimularities

london is a higgledepiggldy place. it’s not uncommon to find two building next to each other with a random overhead tunnel connecting them. often these walkways are angled up or down to reflect the different levels of floor heights in the adjacent building.
but what if one building is built at 90 degrees to another ? what if one building has gravity working downwards, but the one next to it has gravity working sideways ?
well, the answer is to have an overhead tunnel with a rotation slightly built in.
if you come to london you really should track this amazing gravitational altering device out. It’s in Covernt Garden next to some theatre.

fancy building

i’ll return to this building on a sunny day for some better photos. i like how they have hidden their airconditioning.
DSC01666.jpg DSC01667.jpg


this building is more reflection than real thing
DSC01493.jpg DSC01494.jpg

swanage library

maritime architecture is a fantastic thing. i love looking at buildings near the sea. curved corners seem to be the main feature. absolutely no right angles please.
i was therefore delighted to see this ‘modern’ building in swanage (a british seaside town). it’s quite something.

lock up

there are lots of mysterious door and buildings in london (as any city). here is one with a door which is extremely well secured shut.
a few minutes before seeing this building, in another part of London, i saw a street paving stone has been lifted up and there was a very long and deep staircase down under the road. i was going to take a photo only there were two security chaps inspecting me inspecting their hole.
i find that kind of thing fascinating.

a strange globe

here is the top of a building at the junction of tottenham court road and oxford street. it’s most peculiar and seems to have some kind of ancient chinese gazebo vibe going on.

crazy roofs

esther and i spent a lot of time looking at the sky this morning. here is a building we saw with a roof like stairs (according to esther). on the ground level it was very boring shops. the downside to our amateur architecture event was that we kept bumping in to each other.