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this was an historic building which just  started to fall down so the council had to knock it down.  suspicious hey ?  it all happens in auckland sir.


through the key hole

this is a brilliant idea. it’s key hole shaped viewing holes in a builder’s barrier. satisfying a basic human need to be nosey.

funky builder

brother edd sent me this.  very funky.  i think he’s chopped his feet off though.


that’s so 20th century

i wonder if these people named themselves 20th century scaffolding in the 20th century when it modern. now it sounds a little last millenium if you know what i mean. the sign is wrong too. it says they are overhead, but in fact they are below. unless you are standing on your head. which i wasn’t.

the new BBC building statue thing

the new BBC building in Langham Place is coming along nicely. they’ve revealed the new glass hat thing in recent days. very … nice.
perhaps they’ll fill it full of champagne at licence fee payers’ expense ?