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huntley and palmer


when the kids were younger we used to go in to Reading to the museum and look at all the Huntley and Palmer biscuit tins.  i don’t think i’d ever actually seen any live H&P biscuits though until we came here


the order of the biscuit part 2

i stood in for a colleague the other week and went to the meeting where i observed the biscuit popularity last time.
slightly different result this time. i thought the chocolate chippy ones and the raisiny ones would be each more popular. but in the end the custard creams proved to be a favourite.
i also observed during the meeting that the majority of the biscuits were eaten by a hardcore of just 4 biscuit eaters (where about 15 people were present).
things don’t get much more exciting than this in the world of telecoms regulation …

the order of the biscuit

this plate started off with an equal number of each biscuits before a meeting. when i arrived there was already some discrepancy.
a predictable end i think

fun biscuits in the work environment

i went to a work meeting yesterday where we had really fun biscuits. there should be more really fun biscuits in the world of business.
it was actually a meeting for directors of the organisation (of which i am one). it seems being on a board really does have its priveleges !