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fruit smelling balls


this sounded rather ‘south park’ but it did get me wondering why you’d want a fruit smelling ball.  (and why ‘smelling’ is written so small-ly).  perhaps it’s to ofset the smell of stinky footballers feet ?

safety balls


why does playing ball games outside the car park keep visitors safe ?

the wrong way round

this little ball came in a christmas cracker. it looked like it could open up but never would. until one day we threw it hard on the floor and it just popped open. inside where the instructions on how to take it apart !


game over

i’ve already captured the dog sign, so let’s concentrate on the bottom one which summarises england’s football position.
esther saw that lots of houses still have their England flags up a day later, and she suggested that the owners probably hadn’t heard the result yet.

football – who cares ?

i don’t really care for football, but i can tell plenty of others do.
and i was delighted to see this poster on Tottenham Court Road tube station a couple of weeks back advertising a book about the ‘greatest footballer of all time’
the thing i like about it is the impromtu, anonymous, friendly debate it’s sparked via graffiti, containing such fantastic comment as “i can’t be dealing with george best” and “my dad”