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born to fish


this bill board always makes me chuckle

dove adverts


here’s a nice thing.  doves left around and about down by the viaduct for people to take home


it was an advert for something but i can’t remember what so that’s not very successful for them.  but it was nice all the same


hung nicely


i hope you can see what’s going on here


it’s two adverts – one on a billboard and one on the wall behind it


if you stood in the road and dodged the traffic you could line them up nicely and give the hung man his head back


it realy is unbelievable


you’ve got to love the kiwi approach to advertising.  click for big as usual to experience this one in its fullness



i can see this fantastic advert for homebase out my office window. 


here are some shot from underneath it


underlined advert


if you sent your CV in for this job you’d want to make sure you underlined in the important bits in red.  you’ve got to speak their language back to them

a wordy band ad


if you were to join a band, make sure it’s this one. plenty of information both in the things it says and the way it says them.  you already feel you know your band mates pretty well by the time you’ve read to the bottom of this advert stuck on the insider window of a telephone box with a neat piece of sellotape.

pembrokeshire motor museum


we didn’t go to this museum but i was very tempted from the brochure


looking closer it appears the same two visitors pop up a number of times


i hope they had a really good time


they certainly took full advantage of the facilities whilst it wasn’t busy


digitally worsened


i saw this outside a photo shop – it’s a classic advertising picture which is usually in glorious colour with the  version on the right hand side better exposed by the people who run the shop proving they have the technology skills to digitally improve your shots.

only this advert obviously spends a lot of its time in direct sunlight and has faded to just blue.  not a great advert.

cheryl baker

this advert is often found in underground trains and it’s a bit weird i think. Cheryl Baker is a D list celebrity in the UK and has been for 25 years. Her little bit of ‘proper’ fame was being in Bucks Fizz doing the Eurovision skirt thing back in 1981.
However, i’d say she’s of Bucks Fizz fame, or formerly of Buck Fizz. The wording on this advert suggests she’s known as someone who used to be famous for once having been in a famous band.
it’s a shame of fame that these days you can be famous for once having been famous for being famous. 3rd generation fame in the same person if you will.
(that was quite wordy for me)