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Monthly Archives: June 2010


i’ve shown you this shop window before.  i love it as it’s absolutely packed with things and they’ve scrawled the names of the products on the outside of the windows with nice words.  like lovely crockery


as i went past the other day i noticed they’ve started selling anti virus which i assume is a computer thing.   and they now think their paper parasols are cool. 


and they sell silks (plural) on rolls


like a man in a room unable to put a teacosey on his head, a man on his own with a chocolate fish and a bowl of hot chocolate can’t help but seeing if the chocolate covered marshmallow fish will balance on the frothy top


it didn’t balance, but once it had sunk it started to melt and within 2 minutes was a gorgeous slippery fish which was well worth catching and swallowing in one.

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