December 2009

saucy mannequin


if you’d told me about mannequins in new zealand before we emigrated i wouldn’t have believed you.  but they are absolutely fantastic and get better by the day


this chap was selling snake oil magnetic therapy bandsand his armless cap wearing mannequin was ably demonstrating how they were to be worn.

sweet as

burger king in disguise


something strange happened to Burger King in Australia and they are called Hungry Jacks.  there’s probably a reason for that.  perhaps related to the Australian’s growing republican sentiment ?

high pedestrian activity


high pedestrian activity is a great phrase.  makes me think of stoners. 

but once i got past the drug image, i looked at the pictures themselves, and none of those strike me as particularly active.

so perhaps it’s a double bluff.

shifting a pile


i’m not convinced this chap’s skinny shovel is going to make much headway against that pile of dirt.

or perhaps he fired his arrow in to a sleeping blob and has gone to retrieve it.

go back !


good advice given the situation

some good signage


apologies for the numerous signage pictures this week.  australia was full of boss signage

picture gives way to picture


is this meant to help people who can’t read ?  if so, best to stick to all pictures or all words.  otherwise it looks a bit like a top trumps card.

fire brigade booster connection


poor old fire men.  life is sometimes very depressing and we all need a little boost sometimes.  when they open this up there are all sorts of encouraging words and phrases to help them on their way.  we all need that sometime.

by the way, you’re looking great today and you’re having a really positive impact on those around you.  keep up the good work dear funkypancake reader

old ice cream advert in sydney


living in a land with little recent human history i enjoyed seeing some old stuff in australia.  even if it was an ice cream advert from probably 50 years ago.  that’s ancient in new zealand terms.