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strange things found and saved

moving house is a funny old business.  here are a few things we’ve found


a lovely long candle which was up in the loft, melted, went wonky and fused to another lovely candle.


my old celebrity folder i used at university.  i kept some of my backstage passes on it, like nigel kenedy, frank & walters and some other bands.  And my favourite stickers, like jason donavan from when he grew a rather fancy beard


inside that folder in blue biro on a blue background was ‘Ed Steward waz here’.  And you know what, it might have been written by your actual Ed ‘stewpot’ Stewart, because i did meet him once.


And finally, here’s a near tragedy as jane doesn’t like this tremendous barometer depicting Calais in bloom.  So she threw it in the dumpster bag and it went in the back of the car.  She didn’t figure for my cunning though and I carefully extracted it at the dump and saved it from the most horrible end.


strangely this beautif commemorative barometer caused someone else some anger about 20 years ago when a house mate put it in the freezer to see how low he could get the thermometer to go.  I found it in the freezer all frosted up and the thermometer feature has been busted ever since.