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grey’s court


yesterday afternoon my mum and i went out for lunch then on to grey’s court for a mum and son afterrnoon


i really like grey’s court, and it’s lovely how they have this little labels around the place written by people who work there explaining why that particular area is their favourite corner.  the one above was particularly nice – click on it to read it (i won’t spoil it by paraphrasing)


despite visiting 10s of time, i don’t think i’ve ever been at this time of year before when all the veggies in the garden are ready


there was an honesty box if you wanted to buy some of the produce


this sunflower line up must have looked dramatic a few weeks ago


and here’s a bit more info about red kites (if my post earlier in the week whetted your appetite).  the whisteria canopy is much more hayfever friendly at this time of year too


and even the request to return your tray was lovely.