August 2008

day 1 the journey to wales


right, i’m going to attempt to give you a bit of a diary of our last fortnight in wales over the next few days.  we’ll see how it goes.

this is the severn bridge marking the gateway to wales.  it’s a toll – cash only.  note the rain

compost taster


this is something supermarkets don’t do enough.  opened bags of things so you can cop a feel before you buy.  what sampler ‘touchers’ would you like at a supermarket ?  i might like to get my hand in some custard

soggy wales

no sooner had we gone across the welsh border and we knew this was going to be a  wet holiday.  it was also at this point i realised that my photos weren’t going to reveal the extent of the rain, so you’ll mostly just have to take my word for it.

here is a bin with an abandoned brolly.  possibly dumped there by someone leaving the country.

080809_850_img_9908.jpg  080809_850_img_9910.jpg

various people braved the elements to walk their soggy dogs.


happy eighteenth


we went to a lovely 18th b-day party yesterday.  here’s the birthday girl plus mum and dad inspecting some of the photos

holiday house disappointment


i’ll write much more about our disappointing holiday house called Bramble Hall .  Needless to say this is not a particularly accurate description: “A lovely, detached house, wonderfully situated on the owner’s working
agricultural farm, in the fabulous, medieval town of Pembroke.”
  But more about that later !

for now here is a container thing which i guess must be used to sell christmas trees in season





free is pink