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john cleese

on the eurostar to brussels last week i happened to be in the same nearly empty carriage as John Cleese. You can see his arm between the seats in the picture above !
bizarrely i spotted him seconds after i’d read a piece about Fawlty Towers videos on youtube. you can see his head reflected in the roof on the picture below.
i asked if i could take his photo but he said he’d rather not (he had a good excuse – and as i ask i have to accept people will say no!). instead he gave me his autograph and we had a chat for a quarter of an hour about all sorts of things (including my world of telecoms regulation !). I did give him a link to funkypancake so he may even be reading this.
he seemed a really lovely, geniune chap. i was delighted to meet one of my comedy heroes – especially the monty python stuff.