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the sweet manufactury

when we were on holiday we went to a sweet factory and watched these two chaps make sweets. at the end they brought them round to the drooling spectators to consumer.
esther and kezia watched with wide eyes. they were like kids in a sweet shop.
the shop next to the factory sold all your classic boiled sweets and you could even buy the big jars of them:
i was amused to note that nearly all the jars had the same ingredients, no matter what they contained. they should have just had a generic label at the door saying “all our sweets are made out of the same stuff, it’s only the artificial colours and flavours which vary from sweet to sweet):
and of course, there is always chaos near the pick ‘n’ mix.
did you know the phrase ‘fall out’ (as in nuclear fall out) comes from this very ‘fall out’ of sweets on to the floor next to pick ‘n’ mix dispensors?