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poor old bass

my bass guitar has been very poorly for the last few years. i’ve had it mended a couple of times, but there’s some very bad things wrong with the electrics/pickup.
today was (hopefully) it’s last outing as i’m going to get a new bass this week (hopefully) as i’m are playing lots at the moment (hopelessly).
i made the mistake of telling my guitar it was it’s last performance and to make it a good one. i even had a rare bass solo in a most lively tune. Just as I approached the solo chorus it decided to stop working. Suddenly there was no me. luckily jane spotted it and carried on playing so i don’t think anyone noticed (unless they spotted me hitting my volume control trying to get it working again).
oh well.
by the way, there is a difference between an Epiphone Viola and an Epiphone Violin Bass. I wasted nearly 3 hours today only to discover this fact (unfortunately)