long lost chum

does anyone say the word “chum” any more ? if not they should do.
i had a meeting in liverpool street this morning and travelled back to the office by foot and tube. i actually got off the tube at the wrong stop so was walking [in] a very strange way.
it was at some random point in some random street where I saw my old university chum ‘neil’ (last spotted about 6 years ago in sheffield).
we had both been goths at university. neither of us were very good at being goths because even though we looked the part, neither of us was very good at not-smiling.
we reminisced about auditions for Blind Date and attending concerts, and exchanged potted life histories. both of us now lack our goth-locks, instead choosing a close cut style. i blame the excessive use of hair spray.
(this photo was one of the deleted ones which i managed to recover with the unregistered version of Photorecovery – see here)
so, a marvellous coincidence. (i also bumped in to an old school chum a couple of weeks ago in paddington station one morning. i think i was on the way to liverpool street then too. it’s like my life is slowly passing before my eyes or something)