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at last i got to see him. he’d nearly just finished 33 days when we got there. he was moving which was a good sign.
so, let’s see the man himself first:
here he is (he’s lying with his head to the right with his hand over his face)
here he is from again (head to the right hand side)
now let’s look at the commerce associated with the man. obviously he gets loads from TV deals, but does he get anything from the opportunistic sellers of magical starvation necklaces and £2.50 flashing bunny ears ?
as for the security, it was quite minimal. we went in to the inner-sanctury where they ‘checked’ my bag by vaguely staring at it. instead they went for the truth or dare approach of saying “you’re not going to throw eggs at him are you?” the obvious answer they were looking for was “no”. so that’s what i said. and, as it happens, i wasn’t going to anyway.
extremely interesting was that they DON’T ALLOW DOGS IN TO THE INNER VIEWING AREA. i have a number of theories:
1) Blaine hates dogs
2) Blaine loves dogs and it would break his concentration
3) Security are scared people will throw dogs at Blaine
4) Dogs go mad when they see Blaine
5) There is no doggy reason, but people like rules. it helps them feel they are being looked after